Car Servicing Available in Coopers Plains

A man who does car servicing in the Coopers Plains area

Logbook Servicing

When buying a new car, the warranty it comes with provides a measure of protection against certain unexpected expenses early in the vehicle’s life. To maintain this warranty, it’s expected that you bring your vehicle to a reputable licensed mechanic for regular logbook servicing.

We’re able to offer logbook servicing for all new petrol and diesel vehicles, from passenger cars to light commercial vans and utes. You’ll get important forewarning of any developing mechanical problems before they deteriorate further, and you’ll drive away with the confidence of an intact warranty. In addition, we can include on diesel vehicles our comprehensive intake and EGR valve cleaning.

To find out more, or to book your vehicle’s next logbook service, talk to our staff today!


A number of handling issues can be traced back to problems in your vehicle’s steering system, from unresponsiveness or “play” in the steering wheel to uneven tyre wear or a lack of grip with the road.

In addition to our specialty suspension repairs, our expert team can conduct repairs on your steering alignment and power steering system, restoring that lost bit of control and handling of your vehicle.

To find out more, or to book your vehicle in for a steering check, give us a call today!

Clutch & Transmission

Problems changing gears or staying in gear are typically caused by trouble with the drivetrain, specifically your vehicle’s transmission if there are also strange noises or smells emerging from under the vehicle.

We can provide comprehensive servicing and repairs for your drivetrain, from clutch and flywheel repairs and replacement to fluid changes and other servicing for all manual and automatic transmission units, as well as reconditioned units if required.

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Engine Repairs

Your engine is your vehicle’s beating heart, and any problems with it can drastically affect your vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency.

In addition to our performance tuning, we’re able to provide a range of services to keep your engine in top shape, from cleaning or replacing fuel injectors and pumps to reconditioning work, replacing damaged head gaskets and more.

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Radiators & Cooling

Keeping your vehicle’s engine bay cool is vital to good vehicle health. Conversely an overheating engine can result in further damage throughout your vehicle, raising the chance of a breakdown that could leave you stranded.

Our workshop can offer a variety of cooling system services, from coolant flushes to dislodge any blockages or clogs in your cooling system, to hosing replacement to stop any leaks. We’re also able to replace faulty radiators, heater units and thermostats.

If your vehicle’s having trouble keeping its cool, talk to our staff today!

4×4 Modifications & Upgrades

Embarking on an offroad trek without the right vehicle is more than dangerous, it’s life-threatening. Be sure your vehicle can meet the challenges that lay off the beaten path by bringing it to Motson’s for an inspection.

We stock and install a variety of products to prepare your vehicle for its next offroad adventure, from lift kits and other suspension modifications, including heavy towing upgrades and 4WD system servicing, engine snorkels to allow for river crossing, long range fuel tanks to extend your vehicle’s effective range, and much much more.

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